Campaign group wants to create new Brockley nature reserve

Campaign group The Fourth Reserve Trust exists to create a nature reserve along the Brockley railway cutting. They are campaigning to protect the ancient woodland next to the Crofton Park scout hut, which has been granted 'Asset of Community Value' status. They write:

The scout hut, situated on Courtrai Road, is on a strip of land bordering the railway line, the ‘middle part’ of the New Cross to Forest Hill Cutting that runs between Courtrai Road and Dalrymple Road.

The whole stretch is already recognised by planning policy for its wildlife significance, designated as a Metropolitan Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) in the Lewisham Local Plan, dating back to the 1990s. A Tree Preservation Order has been in place for the site since 1997.

This woodland is home to a variety of protected species including bats and hedgehogs and many mature trees; it is the oldest section along the green corridor, with winding paths through a dense cover of mature woodland.

In order to protect the wildlife and their habitats local group the Fourth Reserve Trust is actively campaigning to preserve the neighbourhood’s fragile nature corridor and get the cutting recognised for its ecological significance as a statutory Local Nature Reserve. This would be of great benefit to the neighbourhood, in particular local schools.

Follow and support their campaign on Twitter here:

Current Eternal: Why Seven?

Hilly Fields has inspired another musician. Nikky French writes:

I'm a Brockley resident and just released a single and the video is based entirely on the fallen tree remains in Hilly Fields.

Lewisham legends legitimate?

Subterranean shopping centres in Lewisham and Ladywell Village skyscrapers? Judy's heard some rumours and wants to know if anyone else can corroborate. I can't - can you? Please, help a sister out in the comments below:

"I’ve heard from two reasonably sensible people about two bits of info which seem to have no evidence anywhere else to back them up.

"The first is that that Lewisham shopping centre is due to be demolished and an underground shopping centre built under the road/former roundabout with a – gasp! – Waitrose. Just the market retained but a spirited local campaign already going to ‘save’ the (?) empty Citibank tower.

"Secondly that in Ladywell a block of flats is due to be built in the space occupied by the carwash with a mini supermarket underneath, presumably of a Tesco/Sainsbury kind. Have you heard anything? Lewisham gov website hints at possibilities for further developments but nothing concrete."

Finite & Infinite Sound.Intuition

Take Courage Gallery, 388 New Cross Road
Monday 29th of January 2018, 7pm

Harpist +TATYANA+ brings her unique program to an acoustic setting at the Take Courage Gallery with a selection of original songs.

The evening will culminate with a Sound Bath which is a simultaneously inclusive, interactive, and subversive music-led meditation exploring the therapeutic vibrations of the harp, blurring the boundaries between pop, jazz, Celtic and folk traditions and combines this new style with warm, lush vocals and electronic drums.

Noak reopening with new team

After a period of closure, westside diner Noak is reopening soon with a new team. New manager Gian Luca writes:

Initially, Noak will be open only during the day from 8am till 5pm and during those times I am aiming to keep our offering similar to Noak's old menu.  We will offer a cosy and friendly atmosphere with lots of baked goods, brunch and possibly homemade bread.

I am postponing opening evening times as I want to properly introduce myself and the team to Brockley inhabitants beforehand. Meanwhile I will decide on the best possible offering for the area based also on our guests suggestions.

We are on the lookout for professional and passionate chefs of all levels (preferably with bakery or pastry experience), kitchen porters and front of house team members.

Apply by person at Noak or at

Masala Wala moped muppets

Masala Wala is the second Brockley Cross business to suffer a smashed front window in recent weeks after The Brockley Deli was on the receiving end of a similarly gratuitous act of vandalism before Christmas.

Nothing was stolen, but this is a cost that would hurt any small business.

Sanxia Renjia, 36 Deptford Broadway

Given the fairly abject state of Chinese food options locally, I thought this review of Deptford's Sichuan and Hubei cuisine specialist, Sanxia Renjia, worth sharing with you, just as Monkeyboy shared it with me.

The Observer's Jay Rayner describes it as "an arse-kicking, cheek-slapping, thigh-spanking, gloriously ring-burning Sichuan restaurant." He continues:

Sanxia is on a different mission. Yes, they do have a list of Cantonese standards. The unadventurous of Blackheath must have their hit of sweet and sour pork. But the staff, like the rest of the menu, are eager. They want you to march across unexplored territory.

It appears they even managed to convince Mr Crispy Duck. As he was paying, we heard him complaining that the chicken with red chillies had a greater volume of chillies than chicken. Which is exactly as it’s meant to be. The drifts of crisp-fried red chillies are there for the aromatics, to be dug through in search of the treasure. They are not there for eating.

They are, however, very pretty, which is great because the room isn’t much of a looker. The big light is on. The floor is a white marble slab, as if it’s an airport baggage reclaim hall. Outside the traffic thunders by, on its way to places too manicured to inspire a song by Squeeze. Pay attention instead to what is in your bowl. What’s most striking about the food here is the commitment to light and shade. Dinner in a Sichuan restaurant is usually food as action movie. It’s all bash and crack.

For the full review, click here.

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